Engraved Celebration Terra Cotta Cooler

A versatile design for celebrating any special occasion, event, or anniversary. Personalize with any text you like.

A versatile design that can be used for any special occasion, event, or anniversary. Customize with any text that you desire.

Please note that these terra cotta wine bottle coolers are made of genuine terra cotta pottery, and they are fragile.  They can crack or chip if dropped on a hard surface.

We can put your text above and below the Fireworks graphic. Please just enter the appropriate text in the order form boxes.

Due to the nature of the product, it will be created using a laser engraving method. The mark will be permanent, and the design will appear in the natural, lighter color of the terra cotta. Note that there can be a slight variation in engraving between terra cotta coolers due to the natural material of the product.