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Custom Screen Printing

Screen printing... what is that?

Screen printing allows us to efficiently print glasses with layers of colored ink. With this customization method a tensioned mesh screen is created with the exact design to be printed. Each glass is forced up into the screen while a layer of ink is squeegeed down onto the glass through the permeable design in the screen. The ink is then cured via exposure to intense ultraviolet light. Because of its efficiency, this customization method is the most economical for large bulk orders.

What is the screen setup fee?

Each color printed requires the creation of a screen. Each screen is prepped with a light sensitive coating, and then is exposed to an intense lamp to set the design. Lastly the screen is cleaned to make ready for the printing process. The screen creation requires an investment of materials and labor, and for this reason companies that offer screen printing must charge a screen setup fee. We do also offer customization methods with no setup fee, such as our engraved and digitally printed products.

What type of ink is used during screen printing?

The ultraviolet inks that we use are made to be printed on glass. Once the design is printed, the ink is cured via exposure to intense ultraviolet light. These ultraviolet inks are very friendly to the environment (especially compared to the air cured solvent inks used traditionally). And, these inks have excellent adhesion and produce a very durable, high-quality print.

What colors can I use?

On the order form you can quickly select from our twelve popular stock colors. However, if you are wanting any color not shown just let us know and we can mix an ink to match, no problem! For example if you would like your text printed in "dark green" just note that in the special instructions for us. We can also mix inks to match Pantone colors, so for example if your logo needs to be printed in PANTONE 357 C just let us know and we can certainly accommodate.

How detailed can my design be?

The screen printing process can reproduce designs with a high level of detail. Complex graphics or fine text are typically no problem.

What kind of durability can be expected?

With our screen printing you can expect a long-lasting result. Prior to printing glasses are run through a flame treatment to remove surface impurities. When our ultraviolet inks are cured they have excellent adhesion and have been rated to last hundreds of cycles in a home dishwasher. However, no such print is completely permanent, and with heavy use, or abrasion, the ink may eventually wear. If you are looking for a completely permanent design, we do recommend our engraved glassware.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we have a minimum order of 24 glasses for screen printing. If you are interested in a customization method with no minimum, we do also offer engraving and digital printing. With these methods orders of any size, down to just a single glass, are no problem.

What if I want more than one color printed?

With our screen printing process we can print in one color.

If you are looking for a design to be printed in more than 1-2 colors, you may wish to consider digital printing instead.