Custom Digital Printing

Digital printing... what is that?

We offer digital inkjet printing with full color capability. Our specialized inkjet printer with rotary operation allows for direct-to-object printing on glassware. Our printer uses ultraviolet cured inks that create a long lasting and good looking print on the glass.

What is ultraviolet cured ink?

Ink that is optimized for printing on glass. Once the design is printed the ink is exposed to intense ultraviolet lamps, curing the print and ensuring a durable result. Also, ultraviolet cured inks are better for the environment than traditional solvent inks, which require chemical solvents to evaporate into the air during the curing process.

What kind of durability can be expected?

Glasses are prepped with flame treatment and an adhesion-promoter, which allows the high-tech inks to achieve the best adhesion possible. This allows the print to be more durable and withstand washing in a dishwasher. However, as with all such printing, the printed design is not truly permanent and may eventually degrade over time and after many wash cycles. If you are looking for a completely permanent design, we recommend engraving.

Do digitally printed orders have a setup fee or order minimum?

For digitally printed orders we do not charge any setup fees and we do not have a minimum order. Orders of any size, down to just a single glass, are no problem! (And, we offer quantity discounts for orders of multiple glasses).

Can you use my artwork?

We can accept and reproduce your color artwork with near photo-quality. This makes this customization method a great choice for creating glasses with your own color art or logo. Or, we do offer a graphics library of over 500 color clipart images for you to choose from when creating a custom design. If you wish to provide your own artwork, quality is a factor. For best result we do suggest sending a file of suitable resolution. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions!

What if I would like a large bulk order?

We can certainly accommodate a bulk order. However, you may also wish to consider screen printing as another possible option. The screen printing process allows for the lowest pricing for larger orders of hundreds (or thousands) of glasses. Digital printing is most optimal for orders of a small or medium size where full color is the emphasis.