Engraved Monogram Cutting Board

This corner monogram design is a great way to subtly personalize your kitchen without it being the center of attention.

Want to personalize your kitchen but don't want a design that is the center of attention? Then this subtle corner monogram is the design you are looking for. 

We will engrave your initials in the bottom right corner for all cutting boards. If the cutting board has a handle, the handle will be to the left of the design.

Begin by selecting a font, then enter each letter into the 3 input boxes to be engraved in the monogram. The monogram will appear as shown in the photos, with the middle letter in a larger font size. If you would like only one or two initials then provide only those. Specify in the Special Instructions box at the bottom of the order form if you have any special requests for your cutting board.

Due to the nature of the product, it will be created using a laser engraving method. The mark will be permanent, and the design will appear in the natural, darker wood grain of the cutting board. Note that there can be a slight variation in engraving between cutting boards due to the natural material of the product.