Have you been saving a nice bottle of wine to drink on a
special occasion? You know the bottle I’m talking about. It’s the one you
bought on your vacation to Napa or someone gave you as a wedding present. You
have thought about opening it before, but came up with a list of excuses,
including “it’s just not the right time.”

Well, it’s time to stop aging that bottle and break it out
this Saturday night! That’s right. The last Saturday in February is officially
celebrated as Open
That Bottle Night

OTBN was invented in the late 1990s by Wall Street Journal
columnists Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher as a “world-wide celebration of
friends, family and memories” in which hoarded, special wine is finally consumed,
while memories tied to the wine are shared with loved ones.

Have so many great bottles of wine to choose from? We
suggest picking out a bottle that means the most to you. Which one reminds you
of that incredible trip you took or a family member that is inspirational? That’s
the perfect wine to celebrate the occasion.

I’ll be opening up a bottle of 2011 Nero D’Avola from Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Sonoma. I
picked this bottle up during a friend’s bachelorette party wine tasting trip.
When I taste the wine again this weekend, I’ll be thinking about that wonderful
trip and the beautiful vineyard.

My recommendation is to turn OTBN into a party! Consider
having some friends or family over and have them all bring a bottle of wine
that they have been saving for “that special occasion”. Open up the bottles and
certainly share the wine, but most importantly, share the memories and stories
of where you found the wine.

Once you’ve picked out that bottle for Saturday, consider
sending a thank you gift to those who gave it to you or someone who helped you
pick it out. With TheTipsyGrape.com, you can personalize glasses, chillers,
bottle stands and more. Our products make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Amy Beck is the
director of marketing and blogger for TheTipsyGrape.com.