Have you ever heard of letting wine “breathe” before drinking it? This is commonly called aeration, and there are a number of wines that will benefit (and in turn taste better to you) from aeration, which is really just the process by which wine comes into contact with oxygen for a while. 

Most people think that only red wines will get any benefit from aeration, but this isn’t so. It’s true that reds with serious tannins and sediments will benefit from aeration, but a few white wines and some dessert wines will also benefit from some extra O2. Full-bodied whites will often have a much more appreciable flavor after some oxygen permeation, and many people find that their Burgundies and Bordeauxs have a much more robust flavor after about 30 minutes of aeration. Vintage ports will also do well with aeration…and you may be puzzled by this, but what do most vintage ports have? Sediments! As previously discussed, wines with lots of sediments will do well with some oxygen saturation. How does one aerate their wine? Well, there are a few ways to accomplish wine aeration. Using a wine decanter will maximize the surface area of the wine exposed to the air (and by default, oxygen), which is why decanters tend to be very wide on the bottom with a narrower neck. It is also why red wine glasses tend to have a wider bowl than white wine glasses; the wider bowl allows more of the wine to be exposed to the air, allowing it to “breathe.” If you are looking for wine decanters, The Tipsy Grape has you covered! We have a beautiful new Barolo Decanter that will be sure to add elegance to any table setting. If you prefer crystal decanters, we have another new addition to our site: the crystal Pomerol Decanter that is 100% lead-free. Looking for a personalized glass decanter to match personalized wine glasses? We do that, too! Our engravable decanters make great gifts for any occasion, even if it’s just sharing a great bottle of red with some friends. Additionally, if you aren’t sharing a bottle with many people and wish to properly oxygenate your single glass of wine, try our Selection Decanting Pourer or our Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator, both of which are meant to aerate wine as you pour it directly into your glass.

Here at The Tipsy Grape, we have all your aeration needs covered. Remember, life is too short to drink bad wine!