It's the time of year to remind all the dads out there how much we appreciate their hard work. Gifts for most dads are pretty easy...after all, what dad doesn't love some new tools or the latest gadget to hit stores? The hard part can be making Father's Day itself into an extra special, all-day memory Dad will cherish forever. I think we can all agree that in addition to some great Father's Day gifts, Dad really deserves a special day of his favorite activities. If you have the presents part of Father's Day covered, but you really want to treat your pops to an extra memorable day of fun, we have some ideas!
  • Got a dad who loves to grill? Plan a Father's Day barbeque at his favorite park. Be sure to pack all of his favorite grilling meats, his favorite chips and dip, and of course, his favorite wine to sip while the meat cooks.  Don't forget to supply him with the perfect gift for anyone who loves to grill: his very own hilarious Wine Themed Apron. Our deliciously funny aprons are strong, durable, 100% washable, and they will put a smile on Dad's face that will last all day.
  • For a dad who loves the great outdoors, take advantage of the warm weather and plan a hike on his favorite trail. Bring along all the essentials, such as a insect repellent, his favorite trail mix, snacks, and a small First Aid Kit. And to keep Dad hydrated, you can pack his beverage of choice in one of our handy Bota Bags. They are a unique way for him to swig his favorite drink and the soft, handcrafted leather design is sure to impress any dad. Our Bota Bags hold one full liter of any liquid, and they have a convenient carrying strap that makes them perfect for outdoor activities. 
  • Is your pops a card shark? Organize a Father's Day poker tournament for him and all his buddies. Clear out a space in the basement, set up a nice table, and let your dad go wild betting and bluffing the evening away with his friends.  In order to minimize the number of interruptions during their games, plan on having plenty of food and wine on hand, and have it arranged in a way that will be easy for them to grab without stalling the game. Is your dad also a wine aficionado? Make his poker game extra fun and unique by supplying his tournament with Red Wine Playing Cards or White Wine Playing Cards. They will add a fun and informative flair to the game, and can be used in Dad's poker nights for years to come.
  • If your dad is more of a formal type of guy, it may be best to plan a fancy brunch or classy dinner for him at his favorite restaurant. Since Father's Day is a very busy day of the year for all restaurants, plan on making the reservation at least two weeks in advance to ensure the time slot you want for your dad.  Some higher-end restaurants may even require a credit card number to hold the reservation, so be prepared to provide this information. These places may also have a cancellation fee, so if Dad does change his mind about where to eat, be sure to notify the restaurant in a timely manner to avoid fees.  What do we suggest for the dad who prefers a formal Father's Day? A classy Wine Themed Tie, of course! Dads can never have too many ties, and our Wine Themed Ties are perfect for dinners or events that need a formal touch without being too business-like.

To all the dads out there, Happy Father's Day from everyone at The Tipsy Grape!