It's the time of year for us to show all the wonderful mothers out there how much we appreciate everything they do for us. You've undoubtedly already gotten your mother some gifts, but perhaps you have been finding yourself searching for a way to make the day itself extra special. If you are drawing a blank on how to show your mom how thankful you are for her, we have a few Mother's Day activity ideas that may help.
  • Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and have a "We Love Mom" themed picnic.  Pack her favorite wine and her favorite foods and go to her favorite park for a day of fun and relaxation. If you are worried about keeping her wine cool in the spring sun, try bringing along one of our engraved bottle coolers as an additional gift for Mom. They are both practical and thoughtful, and they will be a beautiful reminder of how much you love her for decades to come. 
  • Say "Thank You" for all the times she has cooked for you by cooking her her favorite dinner this Mother's Day. Go all out, complete with appetizers and dessert, and don't forget to have candles at the dinner table. Out of table candles? Try some of our wine themed candles to add a fun, unique table setting for Mom. 
  • Take her to a wine tasting. How often does she get to just relax and enjoy the taste and fragrance of some fine wines? She deserves it! What do we recommend to make the most of wine tasting? Your very own personalized wine glasses, of course! If you plan on having a whole group attend the tasting, set yourselves apart with some fun wine themed t-shirts for everyone. They will put everyone in the right mood and add some flair to the trip.

To all of the amazing mothers out there, happy Mother's Day from all of us at The Tipsy Grape!