Pairing Foods & Champagnes

Champagne is regarded as "le vin extraordinaire"... to be served, enjoy and savored distinctively at celebrations.

Yes Champagne is the choice for celebrations but it can also be part of everyday life... to be served at nightly family dinners; for casual summer picnics or a quick pick-me-up; for complementing a hearty winter meal or a light salad... Champagne is the choice. Nowhere in the world can one enjoy many different Champagnes than in the U.S., where there are a myriad of foods and cuisines representing innumerable ethnic cultures.

This Fall and Winter, enjoy roast turkey with a fragrant brut vintage. Serve Champagne with monk fish, deep dish pizza, tandoori chicken or crispy duck. The invigorating bubbles and crisp acidity certainly flatter all these different seasonings.

To appreciate Champagne as the perfect accompaniment, keep in mind, there is only one true bubbly and it's from La Champagne... any other is just a sparkling wine.