Champagne by the Glass

Whether served as an apéritif or a companion to a snack, meal or dessert, nothing is as elegant and enjoyable as a glass of authentic Champagne.

More and more restaurateurs in the United States are demanding nothing less than Champagne from the region of la Champagne in France because of their discerning patrons. And, following the lead of their French and British counterparts, owners of many varieties of restaurants are now serving Champagne by the glass -- before, during and after meals!

The precedent was set in Reims, France, where Champagne is a staple of life. Its citizens prefer Champagne as the drink of choice with almost every meal. But the custom was not to be confined to any one municipality; it was embraced by neighbors throughout France and soon spread to England.

With its invigorating taste and moderate alcohol level, the American consumer finds Champagne a wonderful "after-work pick-me-up," a delicious preface to an enjoyable meal, an elegant companion at the dinner table and in superb finale with dessert. An occasion is no longer needed to enjoy a glass of real bubbly, a truth that is quickly winning converts in the United States.

For the cost-conscious, if recorked and refrigerated, Champagne can keep quite well for several days. That makes an exciting bottle of Champagne as economical as any bottle of wine.


At The Tipsy Grape we feel that Champagne tastes even better in an engraved Champagne flute