December 2013

  1. Pairing Foods and Champagne

    Pairing Foods & Champagnes Champagne is regarded as "le vin extraordinaire"... to be served, enjoy and savored distinctively at celebrations. Yes Champagne is the choice for celebrations but it can also be part of everyday life... to be served at nightly family dinners; for casual summer picnics or a quick pick-me-up; for complementing a hearty winter meal or a light...
  2. Champagne by the Glass

    Champagne by the Glass Whether served as an apéritif or a companion to a snack, meal or dessert, nothing is as elegant and enjoyable as a glass of authentic Champagne. More and more restaurateurs in the United States are demanding nothing less than Champagne from the region of la Champagne in France because of their discerning patrons. And, following the lead of...

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