Wrapping up our series of taking questions sent in by you, today's questions come from brad in Sarasota, Brad asks;
"What temperature should I store my wine at and is the glass I serve it in really that important?"
Let's break this answer up into two parts.

Some say that the idea of red wines at room temperature originated in the drafty châteaux of France where 65 degrees Fahrenheit was likely indeed to have been room temperature. All wine is meant to be served cool, and if you're drinking reds alfresco in August, by all means, cool the wine in your refrigerator for a spell. There are few things more unpleasant than hot red wine on a hot summer day!



For a wine lover, a good custom wine glass is an indispensable tool, almost as necessary as a palate and a nose. What is a good glass? It should be clear and mostly unfaceted so you can see the wine clearly. It should be thin-rimmed and thin-walled and should be of a shape that delivers the prettiest possible aromas to the nose.


The famous glassmaking firm of Riedel has produced over fifty shapes and sizes for drinks from Riesling to single-malt Scotch. These glasses are designed to accentuate the most enjoyable characteristics of each varietal, whether the focused fruit-shape of the Chianti/Zinfandel glass to the extravagant bowl of the Burgundy. Tipsy Grape offers a variety of personalized wine glasses that are sure to be a hit at any party. Start with a few and let your passion grow!