I don't know about all of you, but the scorching summer sun has the grapes feeling the heat, and it has them clamoring to pour glasses of refreshing chilled wines.  Believe it or not, that includes red wines.  If your scales of favor tip more in the red category, here's a few red wines you'll love that are excellent when served cold:
1.  Lambrusco.  This semi-sparkling glass of bliss is excellent.  Even those who don't typically like wine find themselves coming over to the dark side once they try an ice-cold glass of Lambrusco.  This wine is actually made to be served chilled.
2.  Peju Provence.  A crafty little blend of red and white wines, a glass of this delicious wine will make your palate will thank you, and then it will ask for more.  As Peju likes to say, "This Peju innovation is a crowd-pleaser....when red wine seems like too much and white wine not quite enough."  
3.   Nearly all Pinot Noirs.  If you just can't part with your cherished Pinot Noir, there's good news!  Pinot Noir is a variety that lends itself well to chilling.  This is because chilling a wine will increase the effect of tannins in a red wine, thereby making it seem more bitter.  Since Pinot Noir has less tannins than other red wines, it is a win-win!
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