We are often asked about how we do our custom glass engraving.  There are multiple methods to mark glass, and we utilize the best such method....sandblasted engraving.

One of the main forks in the road occurs with engraved glass versus printed glass.  Engraved glass has the design permanently carved into the glass.....printed glass has ink placed on the glass to dry.  Both methods have their merits....for example, printing allows for color selection.  However, engraved glasses have a more elegant appearance, and they are also permanent....they can't wash, chip, or wear off like printed glasses.

We utilize the best of all engraving methods....sandblasted engraving. This multi-step process results in smooth, deep, evenly colored engravings

Using our graphics software, we create individual film masks for each design.  Those masks are hand applied to the glasses, and other exposed glass is protected by masking tape.  Once prepared, the glass is placed in a sandblasting cabinet, where a high pressure mix of air and abrasive is sprayed onto the glass.  Only exposed parts of the glass are marked, while the rest of the glass remains clear.  Glasses are then run through a commercial dishwasher and packaged for shipment

There are pros and cons to all methods of marking glass.  The sandblasted engraving method produces the finest marking of all, though, and allows for unlimited design possibilities, including any combination of graphics and text.