As we greet the new year, we want to thank our customers for making 2011 so wonderful for us. Our 2011 holiday season was the busiest we have ever had, and we were honored to provide so many customers with wonderful personalized gifts and wine accessories for their families.

We were delighted to receive many thoughtful emails and phone calls from those whose holidays were brightened with personalized glasses, marble and wood products, created especially for loved ones and friends. It was our great honor to be able to be a small part of those special moments!

In 2011 we have worked with many returning customers as well as new visitors to our site.  Thanks to all of you for your patronage and especially to those of you who took the time to write or call and thank us. It means so much to us when we hear how pleased you were with our products and services. We hope to continue providing you with special personalized products in the coming year.

We hope that you have a wonderful year in 2012, full of memorable experiences, the love and friendship of those close to you, hope for the future… And, of course, customized glassware, wine accessories, and other personalized products to enhance your home or to bring a smile to someone you know!