Engraved Measured Balloon Wine Glass

An inventive way to create a personalized glass for anyone. How much wine do they need? Fill lines are customizable!
  • QtyPrice Each
    2 - 4 $17.45
    5 - 8 $14.45
    9+ $10.95

An inventive and fun way to create a wonderfully personalized wine glass.  Do you know someone whose wine intake depends on how the day went?  Customize this balloon wine glass with a top title line, and then up to three graduated fill-to lines.

The top title line can be anything you wish. Examples: Joey's Wine Glass, Laura's Little Helper, or the Oak Street Wino Club.

We will engrave whatever you enter in the Text for Title Line box.

For the graduated lines of text, we recommend no more than about 6 words per line, so that font size can stay nice and large. If you wish to have less than three graduated lines, just leave one or more blank and we will evenly space the lines that you do enter.

Please note that this product will be engraved. Due to the nature of the design, it will be done using a laser engraving system and not our traditional sandblasting method. The mark will be permanent, and the design will appear in the natural, frosted, white color of etched glass. Please consider one of our printed decorating methods if you would prefer your design to appear in color.