Why Drink Pinotage

Why Drink Pinotage

Why Drink Pinotage

There are many reasons

The best reason is because it is enjoyable. But if you want more reasons we have others - medical, social and chauvinistic!

Someone once said that the first duty of wine is to be red. Pinotage fulfils that duty. If you order pinotage you will get a red wine. Red wine is recognized as a component of healthy living. Dr Marin Weisse of Department of Pediatrics at the Tripler Army Medical Centre, Honolulu reported that wine has a powerful antimicobiological effect against bacteria which cause stomach upsets. Research published in the British Medical Journal showed wine as being more effective against travelers diarrhea bacteria than Pepto-Bismol.

Martin Groenback and colleagues at the Institute of Preventative Medicine, Copenhagen demonstrated that those who consume three to five glasses of wine a day reduced their risk of death by 49% compared with those who never drank wine. However spirit drinkers increased risk of death by 34% and there was no effect for beer drinkers.

In January 1997 the US journal Science reported research by John Pezzuto of the College of Pharmacy in Chicago that a plant substance called resveratrol showed cancer-preventng activity in three major stages of tumour formation. High quantities of resveratrol are found in grapes and grape skin, and up to three milligrammes per litre in red wine.

Social reasons for buying pinotage include providing revenue to the new South Africa. The wine trade is a major employer who give work to a large number of Africans. What better way to show support to Mr Mandela's rainbow nation than to drink his health in the unique South African wine?

Consider showing your contempt for those marketing advisors who tell the industry that we - the consumers - only want Cabernet and Chardonnay. Fight for the survival of non-mainstream varieties. Pinotage is a unique wine. It has it's own taste. It is not like Pinot Noir or Cinsault. In its youth it can resemble the Gamay of Beaujolais, as it matures it takes the characteristics of a good Rhone, and in its maturity it resembles well aged Bordeaux.