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How To Tips and Info

Do you need to know how to properly clean your wine glasses? Maybe you'd like some tips for securing your favorite wine at an auction. We'll keep you informed and answer our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Wine Tasting

Unfortunately, tasting wine isn't as simple as it sounds. We take a look at every aspect of wine tasting, from swirling the glass to proper wine tasting party etiquette. We also look at the health benefits of wine.

Serving Wine

You’ll be a professional sommelier in no time with our wine serving articles. Whether it’s simply how to remove the cork, serving wine at the correct temperature, or how to utilize a decanter, we’ve got you covered.

Dining With Wine

Nothing complements a great night of fine dining like a great bottle of wine. Our dining with wine section offers all the information you need to know to have a great meal the next time you find yourself out to eat including how to send a bottle back!

Wineries and Travel

With somewhere around 8,000 wineries in the United States, you could go to a different winery every day and still spend nearly 22 years to see them all. We don’t recommend that, but traveling to new wineries is quite the relaxing pastime.

Wine Storage

Drinking wine is just a small part of the equation for the wine enthusiast. What's the difference between synthetic and natural corks? How do you construct a wine cellar? We've answered all of your wine storage questions.


Champagne isn't just for New Years Eve parties. Many people are still unaware that Champagne is named after the region in France that it comes from. Learn about the history of Champagne, how it's made, trivia and popular quotes.

Fun Stuff

Have you ever wondered why the wine on airplanes is so terrible? We've done some anecdotal research, and we're convinced it's not the quality of the wine. We've also got other fun articles about wine in this section for your enjoyment.


This is our resource for all the important information you'll need to know to be an educated, informed wine connoisseur. We've got a wine term glossary if you need it, or just make sure you're not sounding silly with our pronunciation guide.