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Wine Glass Charms

We offer a variety of delightful wine charms, with themes anywhere from golf to the holidays to gambling! There is something for everyone in these collections, which provide the ultimate party or event accessory and a stylish way to differentiate between people's glasses of wine.

wine glass charmsShop Now Wine Items Wine Glass Charms

Set of six metal wine-themed icons for easy wine glass identification.

Golf Wine Glass CharmsShop Now Golf Wine Glass Charms

A set of 6 golf-themed wine glass charms, perfect for anyone who loves both wine and golf!

Gem Wine Glass CharmsShop Now Gem Wine Glass Charms

Set of six wine charms, each with a different color faux "gemstone".

Gambler Wine Glass CharmsShop Now Gambler Wine Glass Charms

Gambling-themed wine charm set with six different metal "good luck" icons.

Cat Wine Glass CharmsShop Now Cat Wine Glass Charms

Playful cat wine charms. Six different charms included.

VIP Wine Glass CharmsShop Now VIP Wine Glass Charms

Wine charm set with six different word charms, such as "VIP," Boss," and "Party Animal."

Dog Wine Glass CharmsShop Now Dog Wine Glass Charms

Set of six different silver dog charms.

A Glass a Day Wine CharmsShop Now A Glass a Day Wine Charms

An elegant set of wine charms featuring six different wine items.

Western Bottle Cap Wine CharmsShop Now Western Bottle Cap Wine Charms

Six handsome, totally unique western-themed wine charms.

Vintage Wine Glass CharmsShop Now Vintage Wine Glass Charms

Set of six classy wine charms featuring a hot air balloon and other stylish silver charms.

Memo Board Wine CharmsShop Now Memo Board Wine Charms

Fun, customizable wine charm boards with pen included.

Glass Swirly Orb Wine CharmsShop Now Glass Swirly Orb Wine Charms

Set of six bright, colorful, fun, blown glass swirly orb wine charms.

Nautical Wine CharmsShop Now Nautical Wine Charms

Set of six bronze nautical-themed wine charms.

Happy Holidays Ornament Wine CharmsShop Now Happy Holidays Ornament Wine Charms

Set of six fun, festive glass ornament wine charms. 

Pearly Glass Wine CharmsShop Now Pearly Glass Wine Charms

These colorful wine glass charms feature elegant pearls, adding a touch of grace to your glass.

Stemware ID Wine TagsShop Now Stemware ID Wine Tags

A washable, whiteboard-type surface makes these stemware tags perfect for those who love to host!