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Wine Bottle Holders & Racks

Store your wine bottles in any of these beautifully inventive racks and wine bottle holders.

Climbing Tendril RackShop Now Climbing Tendril Rack

Three intertwining tendrils wrap around and hold six bottles in this unique hanging rack.

Straight Wood Bottle BalanceShop Now Straight Wood Bottle Balance

This distinctive wood bottle balance holds a 750 mL wine bottle in perfect balance.

Curved Wood Bottle BalanceShop Now Curved Wood Bottle Balance

This striking curved pine bottle balance holds a bottle of wine in perfect balance.

tabletop wine rackShop Now Black Bottle Bouquet

This stylish rack holds a half dozen bottles in a "bouquet" arrangement.

Gunmetal Bottle BouquetShop Now Gunmetal Bottle Bouquet

This rack holds a half dozen bottles in a stylish "bouquet" arrangement.

Wood Golf Club Bottle HolderShop Now Wood Golf Club Bottle Holder

Eye-catching bottle balance perfect for any lover of both golf and wine!

Tutti Mare Wood Wine RackShop Now Tutti Mare Wood Wine Rack

Simple yet elegant undulating laminated wood rack holds three bottles.

The Wine LoungeShop Now The Wine Lounge

The gunmetal finished Wine Lounge is an attractive and easy way to store wine.

Book Ends Wine RackShop Now Book Ends Wine Rack

Function meets style with this unique metal book ends wine rack.

Ski Wine RackShop Now Ski Wine Rack

One-of-a-kind ski rack wine bottle holder.

Single Gear Bottle HolderShop Now Single Gear Bottle Holder

Showcase your wine with this retro steam punk gear bottle holder.

Gears Wine Bottle RackShop Now Gears Wine Bottle Rack

This distinctive metal gear wine bottle holder will hold up to 8 bottles of wine or Champagne for a unique display of bottles.