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Customized Marble Wine Bottle Coolers

Our marble bottle coolers are an elegant way to keep wine or champagne at the ideal temperature. Custom engraving adds a personal touch and the marble engraves beautifully, with the white rock underneath standing out against the polished black surface.
Please note that because this item is made from natural materials, there may be some slight color variations.


We can also do small orders of engraved marble bottle coolers....order as few as a single one!
Create your own design from scratch, or customize one of our template designs. There are no setup costs or minimum quantities! 

Create Your Own Marble Bottle Cooler

Create a completely unique personalized marble cooler design from scratch.  We can engrave any combination of text and art that you desire.
Order as few as one one with no setup charges!

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marble wine coolerShop Now Chateau Marble Bottle Cooler

A classic design that simulates an actual wine label. Customize with any personalized engraving that you desire.

wine bottle coolerShop Now Elegant Marble Bottle Cooler

A simple and elegant design for our bottle chillers. As with all of our engraved products, this design is completely customizable.

marble wine cooler wine chillerShop Now House Marble Bottle Cooler

A great design for many occasions.  Great for housewarming gifts or for newly married couples. Completely customizable!

marble wine chillerShop Now Celebration Marble Wine Cooler

A versatile design that is great for parties, wedding, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Fully customizable.

personalized wine chillerShop Now Wedding Marble Bottle Cooler

A special marble cooler design featuring an abstract bride and groom graphic. A very unique and personal wedding present.

Bulk Order Shopping

For large orders of a dozen or more marble bottle coolers, please select the item below.

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Bulk Engraved Marble Bottle Coolers

For a bulk order of custom engraved marble bottle coolers, please click here (minimum of 12 count).