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Wine Refrigerator Magnets

Add flair and charm to your kitchen with these wine-themed refrigerator magnets! A fun, economical gift idea for the connoisseurs in your life!

I Have Zinned MagnetShop Now I Have Zinned Magnet

Caption reads: "Forgive Me, For I Have Zinned."

Grape Lovers MagnetShop Now Grape Lovers Magnet

Caption reads: "Wine Drinkers Make Grape Lovers."

Only Serve Fine Wines MagnetShop Now Only Serve Fine Wines Magnet

Caption reads: "We Only Serve Fine Wines... Did You Bring Any?"

No Wine Before Its Time MagnetShop Now No Wine Before Its Time Magnet

Caption reads: "Drink No Wine Before Its Time."

Set of All 4 MagnetsShop Now Set of All 4 Magnets

Set of all four of the above funny wine magnets.

Wine Bottle Fridge MagnetShop Now Wine Bottle Fridge Magnet

Pair the perfect wine with the perfect meal using these convenient wine pairing fridge magnets.

Bubbles MagnetShop Now Bubbles Magnet

Meet Bubbles the goldfish, who "refused to admit she has a problem."