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Corkscrews & Wine Openers

We offer many different styles of corkscrews and wine openers. Essential items for any wine lover, these corkscrews and openers are a fantastic gift, both practical and stylish.

Rabbit CorkscrewShop Now Rabbit Corkscrew

Efficient and durable, the stylish Rabbit corkscrew is an industry standard.

Cork Pops Legacy IIIShop Now Cork Pops Legacy III

Our most innovative bottle opener! Ideal for those who want something a little different.

Cork Pops Refill CartridgesShop Now Cork Pops Refill Cartridges

The perfect accessory for our Cork Pops Legacy III bottle opener.

Corvinus Wing CorkscrewShop Now Corvinus Wing Corkscrew

A stylish and economical corkscrew, perfect for those who like to uncork with flair!

Soft Touch Waiter's CorkscrewShop Now Soft Touch Waiter's Corkscrew

The classic corkscrew style used by waiters, efficient and comfortable to use.

Screwpull Table CorkscrewShop Now Screwpull Table Corkscrew

No pulling is required with this hi-tech corkscrew! Featuring "red ball" technology.

Milan Corkscrew Gift SetShop Now Milan Corkscrew Gift Set

The perfect gift set for the wine lover in your life. A complete bottle opening gift set.

Wing CorkscrewShop Now Wing Corkscrew

The simple and classic corkscrew: efficient and economical.

Rialto Double Lever CorkscrewShop Now Rialto Double Lever Corkscrew

A hi-tech solution to the common "angle" problem when uncorking.

Electric Corkscrew SetShop Now Electric Corkscrew Set

For easy cork removal just press, pull, and watch as this electric corkscrew removes corks with the touch of a button.

Silver-Plated Drip RingShop Now Silver-Plated Drip Ring

Stop drops of wine from dripping onto your table with this handy drip ring!

Metrokane Foil CutterShop Now Metrokane Foil Cutter

Easily remove the foil from your wine bottles with this efficient foil cutter.

QuikSnap Boomerang CorkscrewShop Now QuikSnap Boomerang Corkscrew

This corkscrew has a patented two-step lever that takes all the struggle out of removing corks!

Easy-Lever Corkscrew Gift SetShop Now Easy-Lever Corkscrew Gift Set

This gift set includes one Easy-Lever Corkscrew, one foil cutter, and one extra worm.

Easy Twist CorkscrewShop Now Easy Twist Corkscrew

This simple but strong design allows for perfect and easy cork removal every time!

Champagne Cork RemoverShop Now Champagne Cork Remover

This champagne cork remover has a lovely chrome finish and a strong design that will uncork your bubbly with ease!